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Tailored and practical specialist advice for people and organisations wishing to benefit from filming bookings.


What Is Monty Locations?

Monty Locations is a consultancy service led by me, Monty Till - experienced Television Location Manager. I trained in Professional Stage Management at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and since then have worked for fifteen years in television production. Projects have been of all shapes and sizes, in a wide variety of environments. From BBC 'Doctors', to continuing Drama 'Casualty', high-end US Vogue editorials and on large-scale, highly ambitious shows such as Netflix's 'Bridgerton'. For an up to date outline of my latest projects, please click here.


I'm a seasoned problem-solver, fast-worker and have an up to date and detailed understanding of what makes filming at a location work - for both the location representative and the incoming production or team.

Having organised filming at a range of locations - from large country homes to Central London, railway stations and busy airports to the middle of the Quantocks, I'm well-placed to share industry practices and offer a comprehensive insight into the world of TV / Film production. I will demystify the way the sector works and provide you with the tools and confidence to deal with filming enquiries.

What services can you offer?

I offer tailored advisory services, specific to your needs to maximise the value to you and the property you own, manage or represent. The structure of all support is built around your business model, scale of operation and your goals - we can discuss. There are typically three distinct scenarios:


Initial appraisal

We discuss what you have on offer, run through questions you might have and I provide you with an overview as to what to expect from filming and how you could best prepare for it - equipping you to maximise the benefits.


This can be as in-depth as you wish, and I can assist you with website content, filming enquiry forms (for prospective productions to fill out, capturing the key 'asks'), as well as looking at promotional avenues.

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Your filming enquiry

If you have received a filming enquiry and wish to lean on me for an appraisal of its value,  understand what that sort of production may ask for and learn about the scale, then I am available to assist with this.

These advisory services are typically discreet but if you prefer, I can communicate directly with the production on your behalf.



If you are keen to host filming but perhaps have limited staffing resources (or their time is better used elsewhere), or need cover for ad-hoc filming around busy times, I can act as your on-the-ground liaison to protect your interests during filming, as well as guide you through the practical considerations as an enquiry firms up, through to reviewing the legal contract and demystifying the sometimes complex relationship between the property representative and the film company. 


What are the costs?

There are fixed hourly or sessional fees for initial consultations. These will be provided on your enquiry to me and set out prior to any engagement. Work will be capped and always within agreed parameters - no surprise costs. 

Should you wish me or a member of my team to facilitate the filming on your behalf and be ‘on the ground’ in a liaison capacity, then the associated fees would be discussed in advance, based on the requirements and the amount of work you'd wish me to carry out. You may choose to pass these costs on to your filming client as it's common for some productions to pay for staffing on top of agreed hire charges.


Retainer-type fee structures are available on request for clients who may benefit from having me ‘on call’ to review / manage enquiries - avoiding your or your team suffering hours lost or time diverted away from your core business.


In all instances, I provide you with advice on a non-exclusive basis - you can bring me in and out as you wish. My overarching aim is to provide you with the best service possible and that's what I rely on for you returning to work with me in the future - not a contract which obligates you to do so. 


Will the production provide me with similar services?

In short -they won't. The vast majority of UK Location Managers are highly professional, fair and keen to have positive filming experiences for both their employer (the production company) and the people who the space they're filming in is owned by.


As freelancers, often without a regular employer, Location Managers rely on their contacts and though have to contractually serve their current project to the best of their ability, they will be keen for you to welcome them back next time.


However, they will very rarely have the time or resources to learn about your long-term strategy, discuss previous experiences or act entirely for your interests. This is where I can help. I am not an 'agency' and do not provide a choice of locations to the industry, but instead, work for you as the location owner, representative or key contact. My involvement will support you manage enquiries more efficiently, which should help all parties.

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